Gray’s Peak Hike – July, 2014

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Below are some pictures of me and my son, Brian. He recently took me on a trip to Denver, Colorado. We ate some great food and had an unforgettable hike on July 13, 2014 up Gray’s Peak…14,278 feet at the top!


on top  of Grey's Peak, Colorado

On top of Gray’s Peak… It felt like the top of the word!

July on Grey's Peak
Mid-July on Gray’s Peak

base of grey's peak

We just climbed back down to the base of Gray’s Peak. I’m pointing to the peak. It seemed surreal we had been on top of it just a few hours before.

rocks on grey's peak hike

It was a very rocky hike near the top of Gray’s Peak

Rocky Mountain Sheep on Gray's Peak

See the Rocky Mountain Sheep we passed on the hike up Gray’s Peak

Rocky Mountain Sheep

More Rocky Mountain Sheep

Gray's Peak Skiing in July

Look near center of the picture. You can see a person skiing (note the zig zag tracks to find the small dark dot of the person. Just below the skier and a bit to the left is his dog. Click the image for a bigger image.

Gray's Peak Snow in July

Lots of Snow near Gray’s Peak, Colorado in July

Brian Weber on Grays peak

Brian on top of Gray’s Peak

top of Gray's Peak

We made it! This is the top of Gray’s Peak. From where I stood for the picture over to where the other hikers are standing was the size of the peak.

Top of Gray's Peak

Brian Weber on Gray’s Peak…You can see forever up here!

Gray's peak hiking

Coming down from the peak. Notice all the wild flowers along the side down at this lower elevation.

Gray's Peak fourteen thousand feet

Climbed a Fourteener!.

Hike to Gray's Peak

Map to Gray’s Peak

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